Atlantic Packaging offers employees the option to contribute to a 401K plan. You can contribute up to 100% of your pay per pay period immediately, subject to the annual IRS limit (which is $22,500 for 2023, plus an additional $7,500 for those age 50 and older). See below for more details, including the Company Match and Profit Sharing contributions. An array of diversified investment options are available.



  • All permanent employees age 21 or older can begin deferring immediately.
  • There are two deferral options:
    • Traditional 401K (Pre-tax)
    • Roth (Post-tax)
  • Deferrals are limited to the annual limits set by the IRS
Roth Elective Deferral Contributions Flyer

Company Match

  • Employees become eligible for company match contributions after one year of employment. Employees begin receiving match contributions at the next bi-annual enrollment date (January 1or July 1). Atlantic matches 30% on the first 6% deferred. See below for vesting information.

Discretionary Profit Sharing

  • Atlantic Packaging sponsors a Profit Sharing plan.
  • Traditionally, the company has made an annual contribution to the plan, which is allocated to employees’ 401k accounts based on eligible compensation earned during the previous year. Similar to the company match, employees become eligible to receive Profit Sharing contributions after a year of employment. Eligible compensation begins at the next enrollment date (January 1or July 1). Profit Sharing contributions typically deposit in March.
  • Please note: this is discretionary and not guaranteed. See below for vesting information.

Vesting Schedule

  • Employees are immediately vested in their deferral and company match.
  • There is a six year vesting schedule for Profit Sharing Contributions
    • 1 year – 5%
    • 2 years – 20%
    • 3 years – 40%
    • 4 years – 60%
    • 5 years – 80%
    • 6 years or more – 100%


  • Employees can sign up online at to create a login for their account. For security reasons, employees will need to answer a few identity confirmation questions before completing registration.
  • Atlantic’s retirement plan number is 7-05098
  • Once eligible, if an employee does not make a definitive contribution election within 30 days, they will be auto-enrolled at 6%. Each January, an employee deferring less than 10% will be automatically escalated by 1% until reaching 10%.
Automatic Annual Increase Flyer
Registration Video


  • A Beneficiary is the person or people you designate to receive your 401k funds if you were to pass away.
  • Beneficiaries can be designated once you are logged in at
  • It is important to identify a beneficiary for your retirement account even if you choose not to defer any money right away.
  • If you are married, your spouse MUST be listed as your primary beneficiary unless he/she signs in front of a notary stating they are aware they will not be the beneficiary. Contact HR or Principal for the appropriate form.
  • We also recommend employees appoint a contingent (secondary) beneficiary/ies.
Beneficiary Designation Flyer
Beneficiary Form


  • Employees can roll over funds from an existing qualifying IRA or other Retirement plan at any time during their employment with Atlantic. This can be initiated online through Principal or via paper form available from HR.
Rollovers Flyer
Rollover Form

Loans, Withdrawals & Distributions

  • Loans
  • Hardship Withdrawal
  • Distribution
Retirement Plan Loans Flyer
Loans vs Withdrawals Flyer
Financial Hardship Withdrawals Flyer



  • Access Enrich to learn to balance your short- and long-term financial goals with Principal Milestones @ and get help with
    • Building a budget
    • Downsizing debt
    • Understanding your credit score
    • Saving for retirement
    • Saving for learning
    • Covering your health
    • Building emergency savings


  • Access ARAG to prepare a standard will or another legal document
Principal Milestones Flyer

Financial Wellness Resources

  • Access Principal to check your retirement wellness score
Account Access Flyer

Video: 401(k)

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