Atlantic Packaging's Wellness Program


To establish health, in all of its dimensions, as the fundamental guiding principle that informs all of our decisions.


At Atlantic Packaging, Health & Well-being is the throughline connecting our employees, our business community and the overall vision for our company.


  • Connection (Spirit, nature, community, love)
  • Purpose (Mindfulness, motivation, empowerment, advocacy)
  • Movement (Physical activity, creation, progress, harmony)
  • Nourishment (Nutrition, inspiration, self-care, meditation)

Atlantic Wellness Website

Stay up to date on all of Atlantic’s Wellness Activities by visiting our website at

Wellness Incentive Program

At Atlantic we feel very strongly that the best healthcare is preventive healthcare. Therefore, we will continue our Wellness Incentive program that allows you to earn a discount on your medical premium by completing 4 preventive activities: 

1) Complete a Biometric Screening

  • Onsite biometric screenings will be held at most branches in October and November 2023.
  • If you do not complete your biometric screening at an onsite screening event, please take the 2024 Annual Physical and Biometric Screening form found below to your doctor visit. Once complete, the form can be sent directly to Marathon Health at or by fax to 802-419-9688.

**If you complete your biometric screening at your doctor, the activity will not be marked complete until the form is received by Marathon Health. 

2) Complete an Annual Physical at the Health Center (Tabor City Employees) or with an Outside Provider

  • Please take the 2024 Annual Physical and Biometric Screening form found below to your doctor visit. Once complete, the form can be sent directly to Marathon Health at or by fax to 802-419-9688.

**The activity will not be marked complete until the form is received by Marathon Health.

  • Need help finding a primary care provider who accepts Atlantic insurance? The Narus Concierge Service can help you find a doctor in your area and help make the appointment. You can call them directly at 888-585-3309 (8am EST – 8pm EST).
Annual Physical and Biometric Screening Form

3) Complete One Preventive Age/Gender Indicated Health Exam, Dental Cleaning, or Eye Exam

  • Please take the 2024 Preventive Screening Provider Verification form with you to your Preventive Exam. Once complete, the form can be sent directly to Marathon Health at or by fax to 802-419-9688.

** The activity will not be marked complete until the form is received by Marathon Health.

These following activities qualify as a preventive exam:

  • Mammograms
  • Colonoscopies
  • Well-woman
  • Prostate Exam
  • Dental Exam/ Screening
  • Preventive Skin Check
  • Vision (Eye) Exam
Preventive Screening Provider Verification Form

4) Complete One Health Coaching or Behavioral Health Visit

  • You can make an appointment in the Marathon Health portal with your health coach or Tiffany, our dedicated Behavioral Health Specialist. You can also call them directly. See the Wellness Coordinator and Health Coaches Flyer below to find out who your health coach is and how to contact them.

Marathon Health

Marathon Health is our trusted partner in providing care for our Atlantic family. Marathon Health supports are Carter Wellness Clinic in Tabor City, provides our dedicated Health Coaches and Tiffany our dedicated Behavioral Health Counselor, and tracks our Wellness Incentive Program.

Marathon Health offers a Portal and an App where you can schedule appointments, check your incentive status, participate in challenges, and track health metrics like steps and water intake.

Marathon Health Portal/App

Nurse Practitioner: Wendy Small Meares
Behavioral Health Specialist:
Tiffany Huggins
Travel Health Coach
Ryan Efaw, RN

Behavioral Health

Atlantic offers FREE Behavioral Health Counseling through our partner Marathon Health. Tiffany Huggins is our dedicated Behavioral Health Counselor and can serve ALL employees (regardless of medical plan) and spouses on the medical plan.

Tiffany is a FREE resource and she is available: Monday 9am-6pm, Tuesday 1pm-6pm, Friday 8am-2pm. Call 910.500.6846 or visit to schedule an appointment.

**Tiffany is licensed to serve people in North Carolina, South Carolina, Michigan, Texas, Maryland, and Georgia. If you or your spouse live outside of these states, we have our Employee Assistance Program and Narus Health available to you for counseling services and support.

Behavioral Health Specialist:
Tiffany Huggins
EAP Resources
Narus Flyer

Health Coaching

Health coaching is available to ALL Atlantic employees. Your Marathon Health coach is here to help you on your wellness journey by offering support, education, and encouragement. They can help you set individual goals that are in line with your specific needs and aspirations. Once you’ve chosen the areas you would like to work on, they can work with you create a realistic, actionable plan.

Health coaches visit each branch twice a year for in-person meetings and provide telephonic coaching between onsite visits. You can schedule telephonic appointments now in the Marathon portal.

Health Coaching is also a requirement of our Wellness Incentive Program. Get your biometrics done, then talk with a health coach to understand what your numbers mean and to set goals to make improvements.

Wellness Coordinators &
Health Coach Contacts
Travel Health Coach
Ryan Efaw, RN

Wellness Programming

Steps Challenges: Every year Atlantic offers a Step Challenge with great PRIZES. We use Pacer for Teams to track and manage our challenges. The Pacer for Teams platform works with Fitbit, Garmin, Samsung, and Apple devices.

To download Pacer for Teams on your smart phone use the Atlantic Packaging User Guide

Fitbit Subsidy: If you need a new device, you can purchase a Fitbit for as little as $15 using the Atlantic Wellness storefront at

**When entering your employee ID, if you have a “0” as your first number, leave it off.

Work it Off, Keep it Off: Every year Atlantic also offers a challenge for employees who are wanting to lose or maintain their weight.  This challenge also comes with some great prizes for those who participate.

Other Programs: Webinars, Blood Drives, Onsite Biometrics, Onsite Preventive screenings like Mobile Mammography and Skin Screenings, Condition Mgt Programs like Diabetes Prevention Program and the Diabetes and Self-Management Education program through the clinic in Tabor City, Challenges related to Hydration, Sleep, Stress, and so much more!

Stories of Change: 

Find out more about all of the Wellness Resources offered to you, by clicking your Branch Wellness link below. 

Personal Trainer

Trevor King is our Atlantic Personal Trainer and is available to all employees.

Trevor earned his degree in Psychology from UNC and then achieved his personal training certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. His specializations are in corrective exercise and nutrition. He has been helping people demystify exercise and identify their own path to wellness for over a decade.

Trevor understands that the uniqueness of every individual deserves to be celebrated in health and that, as humans, we are all united in movement. His goal for all of us is that we become the best versions of ourselves and add more life to our years.

Trevor is available 7 days/week for 1-on-1 fitness consults, fitness program design, nutrition planning, general motivation and to answer any questions you may have about your wellness journey.

To schedule an appointments call Trevor at 336.772.2171 or by email at

Personal Trainer: Trevor King

Employee Assistance Program

Atlantic offers an Employee Assistance Program through VOYA.  This service provides live, masters-level clinicians that can provide up to 3 free counseling visits. Examples of issues that the EAP can help resolve are:

  • Marital and family conflict
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Alcohol and Drug abuse
  • Frief and loss
  • Depression
  • Physical abuse
  • Eating disorders

The EAP can also assist with a number of other resources like legal advice, financial advice and travel assistance. The EAP is available 24/7 and can be reached by calling 888-533-2363.

Your GuidanceResources® Program
24/7 Support & Resources

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